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Abandoned Car Park by Egg Cheung

And i love him.

Today is the national mourning day for the Dutch victims of MH17. The first 50 bodies will arrive in the Netherlands this afternoon around 4pm. The minute before the plane with the victim’s bodies lands the entire country will have a minute of silence. In Amsterdam there will be a silent procession, where the participators are asked to wear white. There will be no commercials and appropriate broadcasts on radio and television.
We lost 193 Dutch citizens this past Thursday. Many families have been ripped apart. Everybody in the Netherlands, directly or indirectly, seems to have known someone on this plane. We are a small country. We are not used to this kind of terror, this generation of Dutchmen is not used to this kind of terror. I have no idea what this brings for the future, but just for today is does not matter yet. Today we remember. Today we think about all those lives lost on that plane. About all those families and friends who lost their loved ones in a useless plain crash. 
Think about those people today. And think about the people you love who are still there. Appreciate them, be aware. 
Thank you.
Tim and Regis; I will think about you most today. My old colleague and the brother of my friend. It is just not fair. Slaap zacht, mannen.

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Staz Lindes by Jamie Nelson



Kate Moss and Johnny Depp backstage